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More than a ‘Brass Band’

How refreshing for me, (a cornetist who spends the majority of his musical life playing in brass bands) to be able to travel to America and perform with a brass band (BBBC) that is so much more than a ‘brass band’. The range and versatility of BBBC never ceases to amaze and impress me. First rehearsal is always a ‘sit back and listen’ experience as the various ‘greats’ in BBBC kick in and do their thing. The BBBC relationship with the loyal and supportive audience / friends is unique. As a soloist I perform all around the world with many types of ensembles…BBBC is once again unique. It never feels like the usual soloist – accompaniment relationship. With BBBC it really is all about the team…management, players, conductor, support staff and audience…how refreshing! All stars…yet NO stars!! Perfect.

Roger Webster
Principal Cornet Black Dyke Band
Solo Cornet Brass Band of Battle Creek