Marshall Gilkes


How Long with BBBC: 4 years

Home City: Beacon, NY

Countries Performed In: Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Panama, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Russia, Azerbaijan Turkey, Australia, Ireland, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Cameroon, South Africa, Angola, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland,Austria, Denmark, Luxenberg, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Estonia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Turkey, Czech Republic

Principal Instrument: Trombone

Other Instruments: Composer/Arranger

Where you might have heard me perform: Maria Schneider Orchestra, WDR Big Band, Marshall Gilkes Trio/Quartet

What is special to me about the BBBC: It’s a great feeling playing with brass players of such a high caliber.

What is special to me about Battle Creek: The Incredible community that make all the members of the brass band of Battle Creek feel welcome every time they come back.